UGA profs reach out to illegal immigrants
As college students return to campus in Georgia, a new state policy has closed the doors of the five most competitive state schools to illegal immigrants, but a group of professors has found a way to offer those students a taste of what they've been denied.

Forum: Stop employing illegal immigrants
Georgia lawmakers are considering ways to solve the illegal immigration crisis. The solution is obvious. Enforcement works, just like with any other crime. Illegal immigrants migrate out of every area in which jobs become unavailable and the law is enforced, and take budget-crashing dependents with them.

Putting a human face on illegal immigration
I became an English tutor by accident.

Elder: ABH wrong on illegal immigrants
More often than not, Athens Banner-Herald Editorial Page Editor Jim Thompson just doesn't get it (Editor's Desk, "OK, Eric, but ..." Wednesday). When extreme examples are put forth in espousing a viewpoint, one can rest assured the argued premise is either weak or nonexistent. In a strained apples-and-oranges comparison, Thompson can't see the forest for the trees. To accuse Republican gubernatorial hopeful Eric Johnson of politics in his criticism of illegal immigrant Jessica Colotl, a student at Kennesaw State University, misses the point entirely.

Eberhart: Illegal immigration hurts low-wage minorities
As an African American, I'd find it quite refreshing to hear "leaders" in the minority community and editorial writers acknowledge the damage done by illegal immigration. The Americans first and most affected by the crime of illegal immigration are native-born Hispanics and African Americans.

Legal status would boost illegal immigration
Robert Rosas is a name that is sadly unfamiliar to most Americans. It shouldn't be. His tragic story is one of many that represent the "other side" of the illegal immigration "debate" that is routinely avoided by the various anti-enforcement groups and in much of the media.

Truth about health care, illegal immigrants
I doubt that Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., would have disgraced himself by shouting at Ronald Reagan as he did during Barack Obama's address. And yet, his beef might be more with the former than the latter.

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